In order to build an empire, we must have a good foundation. Dependable communication, trusted partners, and Enterprise Management System (EMS) are part of the critical elements.

EMS stores and shares necessary information from customers details, product information, pricing to quotations and orders within the company, enabling staff to share and manage business information in an effective and efficient manner. Senior management can also easily keep track on product and sales performance via EMS and therefore ensure smooth development of the company.

One-stop Enterprise Management Solution for Businesses

EMS automates the recording of customer contacts and improves the development of products and services by analyzing existing buying patterns and streamlining access to customer data and necessary information. Companies can get their sales forces and staff working effectively.

Total Web-Based Solution

Connect Anything

  • 100% tailor made connectors
  • From API to XML, even screen dump. integrate any protocol from most application
  • Both on-premise or in the cloud

Intuitive User Interface

  • Replace legacy systems that involves tons of complicated manual operations
  • Minimize Human-error
  • Multiple user-tier are granted with different access level, from Managers, Co-ordinator, to Operators and Customers, your everyday operation can be productive in minutes

Open Source, Open Standards

  • Built on open source components & open standards.
  • EMS gives you more control and guards against legacy systems vendor lock-in.

Lightweight & Flexible

  • Unlike Windows-based apps, web-based EMS is lean in every respect, from download size to memory and CPU usage.
  • It performs well on commodity servers, virtual machines, and even developer laptops.
  • Empowering users with laptops and mobile platforms, embracing BYOD trend and mobile workforce.

Multiple Systems Integration

Data Transformation

  • EMS gives you more control and guards against legacy systems vendor lock-in.
  • Data can be transformed to and from virtually any format across heterogeneous transport protocols and data types.
  • Incomplete messages can enhanced through data retrieval.
  • Message payload can be encrypted, compressed or encoded to ensure security.

Service Mediation

  • Business logic is separated from protocols and message formats
  • Rapid, nimble development and long-term flexibility.

Unifying Applications

  • A centralized bird-eye-view on all connected systems.
  • With EMS, one unified workspace is ready for your team, while keeping all legacy systems operational behind the scene.
  • Summarized Auditing and Access Logs

Message Routing

  • Messages can be routed based on content or complex rules and filtered, aggregated, or re-sequenced as required.