Work Process

Everything starts with research before delivering our amazing work. A well-rounded research can help to develop an in-depth understanding towards current market conditions and business workflow. Ideas and strategies will then be generated according to the research, e.g. How to solve your potential problems? How to make your project stand out from the crowd through digital technology?

After sufficient information has gathered, we will be ready for the UX phase – Information Architecture, Persona, User Flow, Sitemap, Wireframe, Prototype and User Test. We take all your target users into account and work from their perspectives to make sure they all have an amazing digital journey.

Catchy and interactive User Interface (UI) will also be designed by our professional front-end and back-end programmers for your web app and mobile app.

In the final phase, we will perform a successful User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to deliver excellent work that makes you fall in love with our services.