[Project Funding] Leverage government fund to start your digital transformation
2020-05-23 17:01

In our point of view, the highlight for for d-Biz programme are as following. 

  • 100% reimbursement per project, max HKD 100K
  • Max 3 projects per application
  • Sponsor 3,000 Hong Kong Company max in this stage. In which, Hong Kong have 1.3M registered companies at this moment......

For more details, can refer to our previous post.  (https://v8-global.com/post/detail/6)

Due to the quota limitation, we conclude that application need to act quick. Plus the project size is at HKD 100K, fully customized project sponsored under this scheme is not really feasible. But this plan is good for starting your digital transformation with subscription based or template based project deployment. 

A bit of sharing. Without experience of how to manage a corporate, we deploy these template base project to run our start up ten years ago. And throughout the operation, we understand our business and our market preposition more. Later, we customized the system bit by bit and make it more applicable to our company. I think every company can take reference to our experience to start your digital transformation. 

Hope this sharing help.