[Digi Transform] 4 Key Elements of creating a E-Commerce business
2020-04-15 17:15
During COVID-19 pandemic, we receive quite a lot of inquiries about starting e-Commerce business. Newbies always have a vision of earning a good profit under the so call new retail environment, while attaining work-life balance. Traditional businessman also want to go online to contact the disappeared consumer. 

But they always only focus on having a beautiful website instead of some key elements that will be if not more, equally relevant to building a successful e-Business. Similar to every other business, good business operation should take care the following elements, 

 Getting Pay
Information flow

A good sales flow is like, generating good traffic to your e-Store. And you present your products (or services) in a great way, sometimes with some promotion, to attract the traffic to place orders. The checkout flow should be smooth to create a good user experience. Lastly, deliver your goods (or services) to your consumer timely to prevent refund and encourage them to purchase from you again. 

See, having a beautiful e-shop is a small step to start your business only.