• Leverage government fund to start your digital transformation
    2020-05-23 17:01
    In our point of view, the highlight for for d-Biz programme are as following. 100% reimbursement per project, max HKD 100KMax 3 projects per applicationSponsor 3,000 Hong Kong Company max in this...
  • 三步打造真正做到O2O業務
    2020-05-30 14:00
  • 建立持續吸客的數碼營銷系統之五大元素
    2020-05-01 17:20
    母親節將至,今日才開始開網店和做銷售,就肯定來不及了。但如果做好了營銷系統,這是時候嘗試收割訂單了!談起營銷系統,我們相信現代營銷,不再是「度橋」玩一次性的隨機遊戲。而是透過 CRM 系統整合分析,並配合...
  • 透過 V8 Global 協助申請「遙距營商計劃 D-Biz」
    2020-04-25 17:30
    關於計劃新型冠狀病毒疫情席捲全球, 香港大小企業經營大受影響。香港政府為支援受疫情影響的個人及企業, 推出第二輪為期六個月之防疫抗疫基金, 協助企業可利用創新科技, 在疫情期間開拓遙距業務。5月開始接受申請及...
  • 4 Key Elements of creating a E-Commerce business
    2020-04-15 17:15
    During COVID-19 pandemic, we receive quite a lot of inquiries about starting e-Commerce business. Newbies always have a vision of earning a good profit under the so call new retail environment, while...
  • 4 Reason you should have your own online store
    2020-04-06 16:39
    Heard from many people said that they can sell on Amazon, Taobao, Tmall, or HKTV mall, that's why they don't need to have their own online shop. While at the same time, we help many merch...
  • New Branding, Same Vision
    2020-04-03 16:11
    Years of working on the E-Commerce aspect, we always want to create a platform to help marketing our merchants great product and services. Under today's COVID-19 panademic, given that our subscrip...