Here are some of the frequency asked question posed by our clients. That's why we share our tools so that it will be easier for friends to take reference to. 

How to purchase a domain? 

Given that you would like to have a worldwide domain like ".com", below were the instruction of how to purchase a domain from GoDaddy.com

  1. Under Drop Down Manuel when mouse over "Log In" button, Click "Register a new account" 
  2. Input the email for registration and the password, then click "Register" 
  3. After registration success, input the domain name to check availability 

Found an unregistered domain you would like to register? Great, next, we will start the progress of register a new domain.

  1. Add the desired domain into the shopping cart 
  2. Go to the shopping cart 3. Before landing the shopping cart, GoDaddy will invite you for value added services, you can choose it accordingly, but in this case, we just don't choose any value added services and click "Next"
  3. We choose to pay by PayPal, so we click the PayPal button and login to our PayPal account in the pop-up window 
  4. Update the billing details, and then click "Confirm"
  5. Click "Purchase" afterwards

And now the domain you choose is yours! 

How to setup a Email service? 

We will use Zoho mail services to do this demo. The main reason is she provides a free plan for SMEs to setup emails. Here are the steps. 

Go to https://mail.zoho.com and following the below steps to do the account registration.

  1. Select "Business Email" and click "Sign Up now" 
  2. Choose the Email Hosting plan you want to subscribe, and for demonstration, we will choose Free plan in this illustration 
  3. Input your business domain 
  4. Setup the primary account for Zoho Mail, and this account will be the top admin for all the user control later on. So, our habit is to set admin for this 
  5. After confirming the plan, click sign up 
  6. Input the verified SMS code sent to the mobile phone you input in the previous step, and click verify my mobile 
  7. For illustration, we skip 2-steps auth setup, but you can choose to setup here for extra security dimension 
  8. Account opened, and you will come to the page to verify the domain. 

Steps for verifying the domain in Zoho can be found here, https://www.zoho.com/mail/help/adminc... After verifying the domain, in the next video, we will show you how to setup the email accounts.

After opening an account and verify the domain, you can follow this video showing  you how to add users, create groups. And the most important step is to configure Email delivery. After setting up the email, the email should be good to use.