Our solution focus on helping merchant to realize their O2O retail strategy so to engage consumer internationally. 
According to our understanding to E-Commerce business, running a great E-Business require to stand on the "Supply Chain Management" view point to design the system architecture.
So, our solution comes with the following features already built-in for retail merchants to kick-start their O2O strategy right away.


No design skills needed. You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, from its layout, to content and colors. Our online store platform is designed to boost your sales, and to handle everything from product listings, payments, shipping to marketing promotion settings. Our smart responsive web design (RWD) adjusts perfectly to any browsing device and makes it easy for you to own a store that reflects your vision and brand values.


The ability to accept credit cards in-store, on the go, and everywhere in between means you can sell anywhere your customers are, offline. And also when you sell in person using our POS system, you get an integrated online store included in your plan. It means you can sell offline and engaging them to the online store so to further engage them everywhere in the globe, or close a deal online while let them have an option to pick up in store to enhance customer experience.


Our inventory management solution helps you stay organized, avoid costly errors and track all inventory activity. And in order to manage your O2O business strategy, you will need to manage warehouses in multiple locations. You want to have the important information and statistics been kept a track of in each warehouse, and neatly displayed on one grid for easy and efficient tracking. Our warehouse management module will help. And you can even send or request stock between your warehouses.


Omnichannel experience require a smooth and unified shopping experience that enhances our customer engagement. We provide promotional programs that are pre-made and easy to implement, boosting your online and offline sales in no time at all and generating an abundance of new business opportunities. Once set up, these promotions work in sync for all retail channels, bringing customers together from online and offline environments. Plus Integrating online and offline customers is simple with our loyalty module, you can set members’ tier levels, create eCoupons to drive sales, or take customers to different retail channels for purchase.


If you are looking for higher sales and reduced admin work, our chatbot holds the key. Through chatbot, your customers will be interacting with a human representative, the chatbot or a mixture of both, always receiving the best possible customer service.

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Apart from offering out-of-the-box solution, we have tons of experience to develop customized E-Commerce solution. Further more, we play around with APIs which let us integrating our E-Commerce solution with following 3rd party systems, such as,

  • Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP);
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM);
  • Point of Sales Solution (POS);
  • Different kinds of payment gateway and e-wallet system;
  • Membership and Commission system, which include those deployed by direct sales industries

In order to provide the best E-Commerce strategies to the merchants from SME to MNC.


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