Texwood Apple O2O Ecommerce and Loyalty System

Category: CRM, ECommerce, Reference, Web Design
URL: http://www.texwood-apple.cn/
FRONT-END: Bootstrap Standard Themeset
BACK-END: Magento CMS, integrated with CRM developed by PHP & MySQL
CLIENT: Texwood Apple Ltd

To revamp the brand image and to implement O2O strategy for marketing in China, Texwood revamp the website and implement a CRM system so that their consumer will have a unique O2O experience while making a purchase from Texwood Apple. And they need to address the below painpoints,

  • No real time reports for customer behavior
  • No eCoupon for O2O engagement
  • Lack of Communication channel with customers
  • Only offline membership
  • No O2O integrated platform

To achieve the objective, the below features were implemented.

  • Integrated through API with our CRM, the existing VIP member, or the newly engaged member through WeChat and offline sales can be managed in one place and got the unique purchasing experience offered by Texwood Apple
  • Integrated with the existing promotion campaign, so to make sure the same set of coupon can be used online or offline
  • Marketing campaign can be mass-customized to every customer to get the best engagement in a systematical way.
  • Customized reports to let the merchant to monitor their business by data

In result, they got the full O2O experience for their consumer.

WeChat Template Message when customer become memberWeChat Template Message notifying members the credit expiry date

WeChat Promotion Message ControlSpecified Promotion Message for MaleSpecified Promotion Message for Female