We believe that with real time reporting, merchant can better understand their communities immediately. In which, they can make better business decision on implementing marketing solutions. Also, our built-in loyalty & reward system can help to promote positive behavior and greater loyalty from the consumers to the brands. 


Our CRM will be the backbone for you to build the marketing funnel of your business. With deep integration with various social media and messenger, such as Facebook & her messenger, WeChat, Whats App, etc., engaged followers can be remembered and smart merchant like you can build marketing campaigns to move them from subscribers to customer, or even an agent who love your brand! 

So, you have got the business challenges like, 

  • No online-offline integrated platform to handle your members
  • Your members' profile are not in-sync within your organization
  • No real time reports
  • Numerous of data source with low accuracy
  • Lack of communication channel with the engaged customers

We are here to help. By implementing our solution, our clients enjoy the below benefits. 

  • More engaged members with deeper engagement
  • Straightforward panel to manage and understand their subscribers, customers, and their agents
  • Better business decision leads to more actionable items
  • Get the real time information for agile marketing campaign
  • Integrated data through multi-channels, online to offline, social media followers to EDM subscribers
  • Customer centric reports can be generated


With our experience in building MLM system, we can implement reward system from simple referral model to binary system. And the rewards can be points or even commission which can be withdrawn as real money. All are for merchants understanding the relationship of their member and design the best rewarding system to motivate customers into loyalty customers. 


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